Wednesday, March 9, 2011


  Bhaktapur is filled with monuments, most terra-cotta with carved wood columns, palaces and temples with elaborate carvings, gilded roofs, open courtyards. The city is dotted with pagodas and religious.It is Located about 20 km east of Kathmandu in the Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur is known as the 'City of Devotees', the 'City of Culture', the 'Living Heritage', and 'Nepal's Cultural Gem'. It is one of the 3 royal cities in the Kathmandu Valley.
    Bhaktapur is filled with Hindu and Buddhist religious sites and art. Although the population is primarily Hindu, there are nineteen Buddhist monasteries (Vihars). At Indra Varna Madavihar, built in 1671 and located between Durbar Square and Dattatraya Square, visitors can see two lion statues, a Patinga Hiti (water spout), Tantric wood-carved windows, and prayer wheels. There are also many Buddhist monuments and shrines, including Lokeswor Mahavihar, Prasannasheel Mahavihar, Chatu Brahma Mahavihar, Jaya Kirti Mahavihar, Sukra-varna Mahavihar, Dipanker Mahavihar.
  Bhaktapur is rich in architectural beauty, filled with ancient Hindu and Buddhist religious sites, and palaces and courtyards where tourists can easily spend days absorbing the traditions and culture of the Newars.

The growing world of online langauge advice

       In the bad old days-back before the internet,when woolly months roamed the earth, and nobody offered free shipping on could use the dictionary .You could use a thesaurus.There were usage books,grammars,and the local reference librarian.But otherwise you were out of luck: sure,there might be an expert with the answer somewhere, but how could you reach him or her.
       Lately, through, it seems that you can't even open a browser window without stumbling on a new site offering to help connect people with answer to their questions.Though most of these are general-interest sites,language queries are a popular topic and indeed,some sites embed full dictionaries and other reference works into their sites.
      The most encouraging thing about the new surge in question and answer sites is that they reflect a deep human faith in the knowability of all things:if we ask just the right question in just the right place and reach just the right person with it,real understanding can be ours.

Unemployment Problem in Nepal

   The population who are temporarily without job are called Unemployment.Unemployment refers to the state of being unemployed.If the people do not get apt job to be employed,it is called as the problem of unemployment. Nowadays this burning population has emerged as a complex challenge in Nepal.
   The problem of unemployment invites many problem and social disasters.If people do not get any thing to live on, they are likely to involve in crimes such as robbery, thief etc.We can see that unemployed youth starts taking drugs and drinking.In some serious conditions, completely unemployed people are likely to commit suicide.The pace of development gets slower because unemployed people cannot educate their children.By the result, the future of them can led to misery and ruins.
   In order to solve the problem of unemployment, the opportunities and facilities of technical education should be decentralized.Youth should be encourage to get technical education.In rural areas, the government is obliged to encourage the people to establish cottage industries.Unemployment problem should be removed fast though it took long time but for the development of nation this problem should be solved as soon as possible.

Population Problem in Nepal

    The total number number of People living in certain place in a certain time is known as the Population. Population consist of male and Female.Population is always a Flux.Everyday some baby are born and some people die.In the context of Nepal, Population is increasing, But the rate of population growth does not seems very challenging.The density of population in urban area is greater then in rural area.
    Most of the people is poor in Nepal.They think that more hands in family means more income in future.Specially farmers and labourer wants to give birth to many babies.They hope that their child can help them in their field work.Thus its the main reason of rapid growth of population.There are many adverse effect of uncontrolled population growth.It brings many problem such as natural disasters, crimes, unemployment and poverty.More people means more problems.
    We can control population growth in some ways.Firstly we have to educate people because educated people do not want to give birth to many children.The people who are illiterate should be convinced to control their family size.Nowadays many parents have controlled their family size.It may be true that the upliftments of depends on the controlled and well-planned population.


      A human society consist of men and women. If both men and women are educated,they can play the equal role. It is said that a man and a women are two wheels of a cart.If one of the wheel is weak, the cart cannot move properly.Normally 50% of the total population is occupied with females.If females are uneducated, 50% of the people of the nation will be uneducated.The progress of the nation depends on the female education,too.
    In most of the societies,women are neglected.They are considered to be the means of enjoyment and reproduction,but it is not good for the betterment of human civilization.In the context of  Nepal, only less than 30% of the female are literacy rate is 55%. Most of the women are limited within household activities.Because of being illiterate,most of the women are conservative.They believe in superstition.But nowadays, many girls are going to school and colleges.The girls in the urban area are getting more opportunities  than the girls in the rural regions.
    In the context of developing country like Nepal, illiterate women should be made literate by running adult literacy classes for them.We all should encourage them to be literate and then educated.They can be taught properly by the educated women.Furthermore, Females themselves should be alert and dynamic to uplift their status,then males can support them for their betterment.


           Education proves to be one of the most important factor for the development of human civilization. Education enhances human status and leads everyone to prosperity.Education provides manpowers, strengthens national unity and uplifts public awareness.The climax of the science and technology has emerged as the contribution of education.
      National unity is considered to be be one of the vital and basically required factors to achieve the motto of the state.Education promotes national unity by enhancing the degree of public awareness.The people who are aptly educated prove to be patriots, and ultimately patriotism get strengthened.Education lessens superstitions, evil tradition and deculturation .The people who are not superstitions do wish to follow the modern and scientific path to human civilization.Education makes them dynamic and progressive to fructify their activities.
   Education plays the prime role to enhance the both physical and spiritual development of human society.Spiritual development is more important than physical one.It is sure that proper education certainly gears up the development and leads human civilization to ablaze and eccentric achievement of human steps. Thus,education plays the role of the base-stone of development.


 Patriotism is defined as the love of own country and devoted willingness to defend it.The people who love their own country and are strongly willing to defend it from enemies are patriots.They are always completely determined to serve and save their motherland.The people who are highly selfish cannot be patriots because they do not love and respect their country.
    In our country Nepal,we can read the glorious history of many patriots such as Bir Bal Bahadur Kuwar,Bhimsen Thapa, Amar singh thapa, Bhaki thapa and so on.They fought against their patriotic will power, They were able to save the motherland. All the Nepali people respect them heartily and sincerely.
  Patriotism is very important.If all the people  serve and save their nation.They are strongly willing to save their nation.The true patriots of the country are the pillars of it.
  If we are true lovers of the nation,we must do something for the development of the country.We must give up our selfish nature and activities.In order to make the people learn patriotism, school children should be the importance of it.